The Meaning of Heather Flowers You Need To Know

Flowers have a variety of different types and colors. Each type of flower has a different meaning, even flowers of the same type but different colors have different meanings. Therefore, it is not surprising that flowers are often used to express someone’s feelings. Whether it’s feelings of love, affection, gratitude, sorrow, hopes for the future, and so on. On this occasion, we will discuss the meaning of one type of flower, namely the heather flower. You can do flower delivery on our website FLOWER HUT.

Heather flowers are a type of flower that comes from many regions throughout the world, including in Russia, Ireland, North America, and Scandinavia. Because the heather flower is so widely grown in Scotland, it has been considered a very important cultural symbol in the country. The name “Heather” itself is believed to have originated from the Scottish haeddre. which is usually used to describe heathland or scrub habitats.

According to legend in Scotland, Malvina, a daughter of a Celtic poet, was engaged to a soldier named Oscar. Oskar is killed in a battle, and the messenger then delivers Oscar’s death message to Malvina and gives him a heather flower as a token of Oscar’s love. Malvina’s tears then fell on the heather and turned white. Even though she is sad, Malvina wishes everyone happiness and hopes that whoever finds the white heather will have good luck. The heather plant itself has long been used for practical purposes, for example, such as the branches used to make brooms. Apart from that, heather flowers are also used for the taste of teas and beer. Usually, this flower will bloom from July to September. Each small heather flower can usually have a seed total of up to 30.

The meaning of the heather flower itself comes from its genus name, Calluna. Calluna comes from the Greek word “kalluno”, which means to clean or decorate. This is very fitting, considering that the heather plant was once used to make brooms. In general, the heather flower has the meaning of luck, admiration, and protection. The heather flower itself can be grown in whites, purples, and pinks. The following is the meaning of the heather flower according to its color:

The white color symbolizes protection, luck, or a wish that comes true
The purple color symbolizes admiration, solitude.

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