Do You Want To Take Care Of Your New Orchid Flowers?

Orchids is a really beautiful flower, and a lot of people plant them or use them as gifts for others. However, if you wish to plant them, there are many things that you must know beforehand. On the other hand, if you simply want to buy beautiful flowers as gifts for others, you can order some from tesco flowers delivery.

Here are some things you can do when you want to take care of your orchids:

Fertilization is also mandatory for every plant, as well as orchids. The selection of fertilizers that have high nutrients is very suitable for orchid growth, fertilization is done when the orchid sprouts and has many flowers. Fertilization methods that can be done are watering, spraying and can also be done by sowing. Fertilization on orchids can be done approximately 3 times a week, do not give fertilizer too often because it will cause the orchid to become stunted.

Giving ZPT or hormones for orchids is also necessary. ZPT or hormone can help orchid growth, there are traditional or modern methods. If you want to be safe, using the traditional method is one way, the way is by using 150ml of coconut water and spraying it evenly on the orchid. Giving ZPT or Hormones can be done 3 times a week.

Giving medicine is also necessary. Drugs on orchids function as pest killers because sometimes orchids are susceptible to pests. Pest prevention can be done by removing weeds, dirt, and leaves around the plant. It is better to give pesticides once a week to avoid fungi and other nuisance pests.

Orchids are better placed 1m above the ground and avoid laying tiered so as not to hinder the flow of incoming air. The air that must be maintained for orchids is around 60-70%.

Cutting the wilted plant parts is equally important. Cutting off any wilted flowers or leaves will prevent the fungus from spreading on the orchid. Cutting is done so that the growth of new shoots can be avoided from fungus, don’t forget to use sharp and clean scissors.

Those are the tips that must be done for orchid care so that it thrives and is healthy.