Benefits of SMS Gateway for Students, Schools and Parents

Forming awareness of students so that their learning motivation increases can take advantage of the SMS Gateway system. This system can be used to control and carry out scheduled and continuous monitoring effectively. The use of the disposable phone number system has been implemented in almost all fields, especially those related to the service system.

In the world of education, several schools have implemented the SMS Gateway system. In general, they build cooperation with cellular operators as SMS Gateway service providers. Schools require their students to have a telephone number registered through the school, this number will be used to send SMS to students, SMS can be in the form of announcements, notifications, assessments, supervision, motivation, lesson schedules, study time, independent assignments, attendance and others, etc.

SMS Gateway is an application system that is used to send and or receive SMS. The use of SMS Gateway in the business world can be in the form of promotional broadcasts, information services, dissemination of product/service content and so on. What is clear is that it can be developed as needed, especially for auto replay, mass delivery/broadcast messages and scheduled SMS sending.

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